Big Data: New Marketing Concept Or Genuine Market Trend?

Big Data is a new IT and business phenomenon whose implications go far beyond the sole tech sphere. It is a durable trend that is here to stay for decades. The Big Data trend reflects new uses of information in our societies. Few companies nowadays ever doubt about the real interest of such massive data or see in the current fever sort of a new professional marketing concept only meant to create new business opportunities and sell more IT solutions. For several years, market studies anticipated a major market trend in information technology: the arrival of massive structured and unstructured data, which would really flood the market. This trend is real and it is accelerating. Companies always want to better understand the data and control them to keep in touch with their markets. In the early 2010s, there was no real solution to integrate these large volumes of heterogeneous data in their information systems. However in recent years, manufacturers, software companies and integrators have developed new solutions that now fully meet the needs of companies, collecting and integrating these massive data into their systems. Big Data is a generic term for this new and lasting phenomenon. It also refers to solutions offered by information professional to help organizations better control their data growth, both in volume and diversity. This site is meant to help you get an overall understanding of this inevitable trend and to promote data science jobs around the world.
big data definition

Definition, characteristics, 3Vs, volume, market, strategic analysis, potential risks, challenges ahead...

big data solutions

Main solutions, technologies, tools (Hadoop, Spark...) and architecture of Big Data environnements.

technologies big data

Common Characteristics of Big Data Projects: Adaptability, Moderate Cost, Open source, Fault tolerance...

what is big data

Data jobs abound on the market, be it in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, etc. Job ads from all over the world.



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