Big Data Job Market

To take advantage of big data, companies must now find specialized professionals in this field. But who are they really? What are the jobs created with the surge of Big Data? How to precisely define their missions? What are the most suitable training organizations? Which sectors recruit these specialists? Here is our special report on these highly sought after professions and profiles.

Le Big Data has become in a very short time the new Eldorado of the new century. The Big Data market is booming, with the spread of social networks, the growing development of connected objects and the digital transformation of businesses. The valuation of customer data continues to grow, and has raised awareness among companies of the growing value that these data represent.

Let’s keep in mind what Big Data is: it is an approach to focus on data value that is within the reach of businesses, whether structured or not. The challenge of Big Data is to try to get the highest value from these huge volume of data.

New Jobs

Big data generate new jobs. Professionals with Big Data profile and skills are highly sought after because there’s a shortage in such expertise. Look here at the most in-demand Big Data jobs. Thousand of such professionals are required by business, and not only in France. Universities and other training institutions form every year a few hundred professionals in these new professions. So in short, the shortage may last for many years because the needs of the market will further grow in the coming years. In the US the demand for Big Data experts is estimated to nearly 200,000 profiles in 2018-2019 horizon. Demand exists in all sectors, but it is particularly strong in the areas of banking, consulting, web, health and telecoms.

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