The 5 Most In-Demand Big Data Profiles

Here are the most demanded types of expertise:

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is the job that first hit the Big Data market. The Data Scientist must demonstrate skills in creating or identifying information needs, he/she must identify the most relevant data on these needs, and formalize the tailored programs to generate the most useful information. So the Data Scientist is the one that processes the data, collecting vallued data from huge databases or repositories and creating algorithms that will track and extract information value.

Chief Data Officer

Chief data officer plays in some ways the role of an ethics supervisor. He supervises data collection and data distribution among the company’s various departments, and imposes an ethical attitude in the use of these sometimes very sensitive information (respect people’s privacy in particular). According to the Gartner Group study, nearly a third of organizations will create a job post of chief data officer in 2018.

Data Protection Officer

Organisations are required to designate at least one individual, known as the data protection officer (DPO), to oversee the data protection responsibilities within the organisation and ensure compliance with the PDPA.

Data Protection Officer is the one that oversees data protection responsibilities within the organisation and makes sure that data use complies with the PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act 2012). This role is meant to enforce the law within the company as far as the use of personal data is concerned. This expert makes an inventory of all data collections and treatments and makes sure they are legitimate and in total accordance with the law.

Master Data Manager

The Master Data Manager is in charge of referential data. This individual is an expert data, the one that defines precisely the meaning of each of the basic data used in the systems. The MDM must verify that the data is used correctly every day by business teams and are really operational and available, overseeing processes, governance, politics, norms and tools that define critical data. The MDM provides a single point of data reference.

Data Miner

The Data Miner is the true explorer of the company’s data. This individual ensures proper collection and good treatment of data, setting up algorithms and databases. Because of heterogeneous and unstructured data, the Data Miner must identify the different sources and contribute to the modeling of these multiple data. It is naturally an expert in the use of essential tools such as Hadoop, MapReduce, NoSQL, etc.

These new profiles are not really formatted internationally, and clearly-structured training does not yet formally exist, and companies do not really know how to define these positions within their teams. But things are changing pretty fast, and training of such highly-demanded profiles is expected to increase rapidly in the market.

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