Big Data Solutions

Here is a list of Big Data solutions that are still to date the software foundation on the Big Data market. However this is a very dynamic sector that is continuously evolving: every day new solutions are offered on the market.

It is not surprising that the major web players who have developed the very first Big Data data management solutions, Google, Yahoo !, Facebook and Twitter in mind. Search engines and social networks had indeed quickly acquire solutions that can efficiently process large volumes and ever growing data from the web. In the table below, there are specific solutions to databases and platforms for development and data processing:


Technology Description
Big Table Proprietary DB maganement system based on GFS (Google File System). Big Table, proprietary solution, on which is based Hbase, open source solution.
MapReduce Development platform for distributed treatments


Technology Description
Hadoop Development platform for distributed treatments dedicated to managing very large amount of data. Based on Big Table, MapReduce and GFS.
S4 Development platform for treatments of data flows


Technology Description
Cassandra NoSQL BDMS for distributed treatments
Hive Data analysis software based on Hadoop


Technology Description
Storm Platform for the treatment of massive data
DlockDB Graphical distributed DBMS


Technology Description
Kafka Apache Kafka is an open-source message broker and a platform for handling real-time data feeds
SenseiDB Real-time DBMS for distributed and semi-structured data
Voldemort DBMS for massive and distributed data

These solutions initially developed in-house, quickly evolved into open source solutions. The major software vendors have pursued this approach of open source with their own solutions: Oracle uses Hadoop in its offer Big Data Appliance, like Microsoft with its Windows Azure provides, IBM, NetApp, etc.

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