Big Data: What Volume?

Every 48 hours we create as much data as all those created from 2003 to today. Over 90% of the data generated in the world have been during the last two years.

And here are some other statistics that help measure the large volumes of Big Data today:

Data Volumes

  • 204 million emails are sent every minute
  • 1.8 million “likes” on Facebook every minute
  • 278,000 tweets created on Twitter every minute
  • 200,000 photos uploaded to Facebook every minute
  • 698 000 searches launched on Google every minute
  • 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 35 million videos are watched on YouTube every minute
  • In 2012, 13 billion connected objects. In 2020, 50 billion
  • In 2011, 12 million RFID sensors sold. In 2021, 209 billion
  • Big Data market in 2013: $ 10.2 billion. In 2017: $ 54.3 billion
  • It would take 15 years to watch all the videos posted on YouTube in 24 hours
  • Amount of digital data in the world: 2.7 zettabytes (2.7 x 1021, noted Zo)
  • All data generated and stored in the world are doubled every 1.2 years

And in view of the very first figures given at the top of this page, these statistics, as impressive as they are, are much lower than those that will be in effect next year and the following year.

Big Data Volume : see images
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